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september dinner club @ the vans in belmont [Sep. 11th, 2008|11:05 am]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club
[Current Mood |creative]

so..with the dinner club meeting quickly approaching us, i decided to satisfy my mental hunger cravings with a peek at the menu for the restaurant that we are to visit. after glancing at the menu and gauging my cravings radar, i've decided that this would be my tentative meal for the evening:

appetizer: escargot

main entree: depending on my actual mood for tomorrow night (and assuming that the menu hasn't changed), i'd pick one of the following: fettuccine con pollo, blackened catfish, medallions of beef, blackened filet mignon, or the local chicken, or the beef tri-tip.

and of course, i'd love for the meal to come with the following accompaniments: lyonnaise potatoes, potatoes au gratin, garlic fries, sauteed mushrooms and onions, or four cheese and mac shells. a side order of fresh vegetables would also be lovely.

and depending on how much corkage fee is, i'll bring a bottle of JC Cellars syrah that i got hooked up with @ work. hopefully, my dad didn't kill the entire 3 cases that i brought home.