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[Oct. 8th, 2008|08:00 am]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club


Restaurants and Gender Equality

From: dirtipimp
2008-10-08 04:50 pm (UTC)
wow..that was such an amazing and eye-opening article. and honestly, after reading that article, i did notice a bit of disparity when i recently dined at crustaceans with some friends. ladies were served champagne first than the males, i was able to order before the male counterpart. it's definitely a subtle gesture, but i do notice that it's quite the norm when we're all out at fine-dining establishments.

i wonder how males feel when their female counterpart (especially on dates, etc.) choose heavier options, such as dryer wine, or a substancial piece of steak for their meal instead of the lighter option.

we all know that i'm guilty of choosing lighter options for my meal for health reasons, but that makes me completely typical of the article's target subject.

any thoughts?
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[User Picture]From: mythicalmenace
2008-10-08 08:10 pm (UTC)
I'm old-fashioned, so I prefer that the ladies get their menus first and are the first to order and first to be served. I like it this way because oftentimes (especially with my family), the ladies are very indecisive of what they want to eat, and so will engage the server with thinking-out-loud and rationalizing their choices of food. Meanwhile, this gives me the opportunity to hear about today's specials (if we weren't already told) as well as additional time to think more about what I would like, so that when it's my turn, I can give a very simple answer. Also, it's because I dislike it when I'm dining out with ladies who know exactly what they want and the server is oblivious to that. If the lady wants the lead in ordering the food and the wine, she should by all means get it. If the server gives me the menu and takes my order first, it puts me on the spot. There have only been a few times where this was so bad that I had to ask the server to take the ladies orders first. And frankly, I honestly wish that more men were aware of or realize that in the more classy venues, you should always concede your ordering after all the ladies in your party have placed theirs, unless they have permitted you to order for them, or unless there are just so many people that it would inconvenience the server.

As for women and tipping, its very true. Women tip less than men unless they are in the service industry and understand what its like to wait tables. Parties of women will also stay much longer just conversing, which does mean less tip-earning potential for the server.
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