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Hello! [Jun. 10th, 2008|03:39 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club

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Hello everyone! I'm new here -- the name's Bryann. I'm a foodie in Campbell (south bay). Looking forward to checking out a get-together soon!

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the new sweetner? [May. 29th, 2008|12:38 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club
this seems really interesting to do one day

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(no subject) [Mar. 19th, 2008|08:44 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club
reservations are set for a party of 6.

little nepal @ 7pm
925 Cortland Avenue
(between Folsom St & Gates St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 643-3881

see you there!
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march dinner club [Mar. 14th, 2008|02:45 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club
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Little Nepal

as the name indicates, this month, we'll be trying out Nepalese food. It's quite similar to indian food, but with a twist. i think this will be intersting for us.

Where: Little Nepal, 925 Cortland Ave @ Folsom Street, San Francisco, 94110
When: March 20th, 7pm (unless there needs to be a time change)
Attire: Casual
Zagat: http://www.zagat.com/Verticals/PropertyDetails.aspx?VID=8&R=70310&AJX=Ne%253D2392%2526N%253D120+3697+3703+2519%2526Key%253DCuisines%2526VID%253D8%2526Nf%253DLatLong%25257CGCLT+37.775001%252C-122.418296+60%2526BrowseAll%253D1

Citysearch: http://sanfrancisco.citysearch.com/profile/36914929/san_francisco_ca/little_nepal.html

(yelp wasn't working..but i'm sure you can go on your own accord to check out the reviews)

Just as a side note: we can BYOB, and there is NO corkage fee. some drink for thought...

happy grubbing!
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february - front porch [Feb. 29th, 2008|11:20 am]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club
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so i was super anticipating eating at this establishment for quite some time now since it was announced that we would attend here for DC on february to celebrate steve's birthday. when we arrived at the place, i realized that i've passed by this place numerous times, and was always curious about what it was, but never had the inclination to check it out. it just looked like a front porch and people just put a sign there, but after our visit yesterday, it cleared up my curiosity!

the decor is supercute. it blends well with the neighboring houses (literally, i think it's a converted house turned restaurant). the inside looks supercozy, and i loved the fact that our big group got a corner booth. it just made the atmosphere seem that much cozier.

the drinks before our dinner were quite tasty. i had the champagne cocktail, jolene had the sangria and annie had something that i didn't know the name to, but the drink suited her quite well.

the waitstaff and hostess were quite accomodating to us. they didn't give away our table even though people were streaming in and our party was late, but they were kind enough to seat us even though our entire party wasn't there yet.

once steve arrived, we decided to order the bucket of chicken in advance because it would take 20 minutes to cook, and once everyone arrived and ordered their dishes (which was a span of 15 minutes after the initial bucket of chicken order), the bucket of chicken came out in less than two minutes after. talk about perfect timing!

so here's the rundown:

fried chicken - extremely juicy, well seasoned, skin is incredibly crispy. probably one of the best fried chicken i've had in a really long time.

macaroni pie - don't be fooled by the portion of the sides. even though it may look small, it's incredibly rich, and between the six of us, a spoonful and a half of each side was quite filling and flavorful. the breadcrumb crust added great texture to the smooth consistency of the macaroni and cheese and the macaroni and cheese itself was quite cheesy and full of flavor. the fact that the ability to scoop the macaroni pie and not have cheese goo go all over the place but to actually be able to cut it in a solid piece allowed for easier and more precise eating.

grits with chili sauce? - while i've had grits that were flavorless and almost inedible, these grits were full of sweet corn, chili oil and flavor. the creamy consistency remained that way for quite some time, which surprised me because i was expecting a clump of grits after 5 minutes of being exposed to the external environment. i must say, these grits changed my mind and i wouldn't mind giving grits another chance.

cornmeal crusted oysters - they came out in two pieces, with a side of braised pork belly and frissee to accompany. the oysters were fried just right, with a hint of lemon for acidity. they were still juicy after being fried which i'm a big fan of. i've never had braised frissee and i must say, it was quite delectable. i didn't get a chance to have the pork belly, but it sure did look good.

cornbread - complimentary. looks like long ladyfingers. not warmed and kind of cakey. chili butter that accompanied made it quite tasty. they should have warmed it up. but i can't complain. i love cornbread. end of story.


escaveitch fresh fish
this was probably the healthiest (and lightest) thing on the menu. i was torn between the fish and the porkchop, but from the recommendation of the server, i chose the fish. it was pan fried just right, with the intact skin being crispy and the fish quite flaky and tender. they could've fried the skin side just a little bit longer, but now i'm just asking for too much. the rice and beans didn't stand out very much, and i didn't see any hints of chayote, but the pickled veggies are what made the dish. it complimented the fish so well that it reminded me of a soul version of eating anything meat related with some pickled mustard greens at home. the picked veggies provided a nice acidic contrast to the fishiness of the fish, and it made my tastebuds quite happy.

island pepper pot stew - i wasn't too keen on eating wild boar and goat, but i tasted a little. presentation was quite interesting because it came out in those clay pots that asian people cook their herbal medicines in. the flavors itself were quite rich, but the only thing lacking was that it's supposed to be a STEW, so there's supposed to be stewey sauce in there!

pulled bbq pork sandwich with fries - i liked the fries. i'm a fries whore (before 9pm that is). they weren't salted too heavily, which was nice for a change, but they were just regular french fries. i didn't try the sandwich, but it did look quite tasty.

black eyed peas - yum. that's all i can say about that.

crab and grits - so apparently, this place is known for their crab and grits, and half of our party ordered this dish. i've never seen a dish own dinner club so bad, but it did. it doesn't even look like it's going to do much damage because it's basically a bowl of grits with crab in it, but it's so much more than that! it was extremely flavorful and deliciously creamy, but after a couple of bites, there was visual confimration that people were going to call it quits. it's extremely filling (and heavy to say the least) but i say, if you're going to eat something extremely bad for you, go all the way! so that's what crab and grits is. an extremely hearty and filling porridge that is probably high in calories, but probably worth every fatty calorie. i loved the hint of corn and the consistency of the grits, and really, changed my perception of grits in general.

atmosphere: 4.5/5
service: 5/5
food: 4/75/5

next month's dinner club: let's set a date. march 25th? that's the last tuesday. it's my spring break. are people free?
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(no subject) [Feb. 11th, 2008|09:11 am]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club

So we're going to The Front Porch on Thursday Feb 21 at 7pm, right?
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THE FRONT PORCH [Feb. 4th, 2008|03:58 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club


my feb pick that will fall on my birthday. tuesday feb 19th. 7pmish.
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2008|03:05 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club

Steve, what's your pick for Dinner Club February?

Set a date and time please.
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Bushi-Tei Review [Jan. 17th, 2008|12:27 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club

January's restaurant choice would normally have been just out of the reach of the average price us DinnerClubbers have used to been paying.  However, the 7th Annual "Dine About Town" promotion was going on, and we had the chance to sample this previously 1-star Michelin rated restaurant as a result of the more affordable fixed price menu.
1. Gratin of hotate scallop with turnip, edamame, pastis tarragon sabayon
-By far, this was my least favorite dish.  The execution seemed rather confused given the caliber of the executive chef.  The scallop was allegedly Japanese in origin, hence answering my paradoxical question in calling it "hotate scallop."  For one thing, the scallops were too undercooked considering that the sauce it was served with was thick and hearty.  A seared scallop with a crunchy outside would have been a better contrast to hold up against a sabayon sauce, which of course was my other complaint about this dish.  The taste of the sauce was simply flat, with the texture being the only saving grace.  I would have liked a stronger, thinner sauce with the scallops being on the raw side as they were.

2. Sauteed fletan with Yukon potato, tomato fondue, caper, pinot noir reduction
-I can understand the portion size given the price, I suppose.  But really now, why would you skimp this much on the main course?  Jeanne's food was on par with this and the portions were much heartier.  Anyways though, this dish was generally well done.  The fish however seemed to have been steamed or parboiled just before searing to finish it off before plating.  Again, my gripe is that the searing should have yielded a more crisp crust.  The potato was well seasoned, while the tomato fondue, caper, and pinot noir sauce provided a nice rounding out of flavors that absorbed the fishiness of the halibut.  I wish they added more pinot noir though.

3. White chocolate mousse
-It wasn't as sweet as I expected, which is a good thing considering that I hate white chocolate because it doesn't have the bitter dark components that make chocolate what it is.  Uneventful but good.

Flourless chocolate souffle with organic milk sorbet:
-Delicious.  High quality chocolate.  Wonderful milk sorbet I wish I could make at home.

*Wine pairing ($12 flight): 
-I don't remember what the exact pairings were, but I believe the first was a Riesling and the second a Chardonnay.  Both were good.  Other folks ordered the $17 flight, but I still liked the cheaper pairings as they were more crisp and palate-cleansing for me.

FOOD: 3.5/5
I give this rating based on the Dine-About-Town prixe-fixe menu, but by no means is this based on the standard menu, which I'm sure has much better food.
Modern touches of brushed metals, aluminum accents and angular furniture with traditional Zen decor featuring bamboo, natural stone, and wood.  Plus one for the robotic Japanese toilets with built-in bidets.
Our server Andy was on point and very friendly.  Dishes and glasses were filled promply without attitude from the wait staff.  Even better was that Andy actually knew what was on the menu, and actually gave Annie several refills of wine.  Bravo!

Steve has his pick for February.  I can't wait.
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muffaletta's anyone? [Jan. 13th, 2008|07:05 pm]
The SF Bay Area Dinner Club

hi all,
wondering if anybody knew a good muffaletta place anywhere near the berkeley/oakland area? all feedback is appreciated. thanks!

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