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the_dinner_club's Journal

The SF Bay Area Dinner Club
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Anybody , Moderated
A community for friends who elect a certain NEW/NEW-OLD restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area to eat at ONCE every month.

Criteria for selection are:
1. A restaurant that none of us have eaten at before
2. Each person will be expected to spend a minimum of $25, if not contribute equally for the cost of the food ordered
3. The type of cuisine must be different from the month before and after (ex: no Thai cuisine in April or June if it is to be had in May)
4. Restaurants tried will not be repeated (unless by special occassion)

New people are welcome to join. This community was started for a group of friends to suggest and discuss possible options. We welcome your company so long as you are not rude, obnoxious, shady, or pretentious. People with adventurous palates are A+.